Get in Your Design Team’s Minds to Add the Most Value to Your Content

Three Principles to Beautiful Creative & Impactful Content

Businesses that are new to working with a design team or agency are often unsure of how to bring them into the fold. As a result, designers are pulled in last-minute to support with immediate creative executions without context or the ability to offer any strategic input. However, designers are more than just creative executors – they add tremendous value to marketing teams via problem-solving through a creative lens, where the best solutions are often: (1) simple, (2) focused and (3) audience-centric. To better understand your design team, here are a couple of parameters designers consider when they are tasked with a design request:

Keep It Simple

Every professional at some point in their career has had to create some kind of visual aid, from websites to business cards and brochures to reports, slide presentations or even spreadsheets. By reducing visual clutter, understanding the importance of usability versus beauty and knowing how that impacts your readers/consumers, all professionals can create high-impact user-friendly materials.

Value Design Constraints

Design constraints such as time, budget and what you can and cannot do are often viewed as a detriment to creative thinking. However, rather than stifling or dragging down your team, constraints can provide a framework for your team to focus on goals you’ve set out to meet. Being concise and providing an adequate number of constraints allows both designers and non-designers to deliver a result that ties closest to your vision and reaches the right audience.

Think Audience First

The era of cookie-cutter “one size fits all” content is no longer acceptable – people are looking for customized content tailored to their interests that makes them feel like an important individual versus one in the masses. Interactive content can be key to solving this dilemma in 2017. More and more, interactive content is proving to be a powerhouse with high ROI as it offers an additional layer of data and insights not accessible by traditional static content. With these audience insights, you can continue to refine and adjust your content to address your target’s specific needs.

Though basic, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Designers have a plethora of knowledge to offer so the earlier they’re pulled into the team, the better their input can add additional unforeseen value to the project.

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Originally published on Hotwire's blog.