Future Without Meat


Project for my Information Design class at San Francisco State University, DAI 525: Graphic Design 3: Advanced. No copyright infringement intended.

The project consists of a series of 3 posters, each 16x20 focusing on the visualization of information systems.  In urban and first world nations, water is used without a second thought, while in water is regarded as a means to live on to the next day for third world countries. Not only that, recently with the lack of rain, people are running low on water supplies, especially when it comes to growing crops in California. So what if legislation past a law prohibiting the production, transportation and selling of meat in 50 years? How will people and businesses react? Inspired by the prohibition era, each poster informs the public about locations they may no longer visit to purchase meat, what things they should consider, and alternatives to a meat-incorporated diet.


Project Duration: 1 month